Do I need to complete a full 9-month SBS to participate in Titus?

Yes. The prerequisites are SBS or CSBS I, II, and III.

Can I attend the three week training time and not go on outreach?

Most likely not. The heart of Titus Project is to take Bible training to the nations. The training time will equip you as a teacher, but that equipping is the means to achieving the goal of seeing the nations reached with Bible training. In addition, the outreach is where you will experience the most growth as a teacher, so not only would you miss out on the heart of Titus Project by not going on outreach, you will not see maximum growth in your teaching.

Occasionally exceptions are made, and you may inquire about the training time, and we will consider your situation.

Why is the 3 weeks of training necessary? Why not send teams to teach right after SBS/CSBS?

Though the training time is brief, it is jam-packed with lectures, evaluated practice teachings, and assigned readings designed to increase the effectiveness and ability of the teacher. The training time specifically equips participants for what they will teach on outreach, and how to teach in cross-cultural situations. The training time equips the teacher to best communicate what they learned on SBS/CSBS.

Do I have a choice of what country I will go to on outreach?

If you have a specific nation on your heart, we will take your preference(s) into consideration when determining outreach teams and locations, but we cannot guarantee you will go to the exact location you would like. There are several factors to take into consideration, including team size, visa requirements, staff availability, and commitments to other locations. For example, YWAM Turner Valley’s target people group is the Shan people of Southeast Asia. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you will definitely go to Southeast Asia on your outreach, it will likely be a consistent outreach location for our program. Other locations may be added, based on the number of participants and staff.

How big will my outreach team be?

Because we want all participants to have plenty of opportunities to teach, we try to keep teams small – one to two staff, and two to three participants per team is ideal.

Why is this ministry called Titus Project?

The name Titus Project reflects our ministry’s heart for God’s people to have “knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness” (Titus 1:1). By equipping God’s people to know the truth by teaching them how to study God’s Word, our desire is for believers to live transformed, godly lives, based on the Truth of Scripture, for His glory.

Additionally, Titus is an inspiration to us because he was sent to difficult places. As a ministry, we feel called to take Bible training to places that are unreached, where others might not go. 

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