66 Books, 9 Months, One Goal: Jesus

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a 9-month intensive study of the Bible from cover to cover. The goal of the SBS is to equip students to study and understand the content of the Bible through the inductive method, and see their lives transformed as they apply the truths they learn.

You can look forward to:

  • Reading through the entire Bible approximately 5 times
  • Engaging lectures from passionate teachers
  • Independent study guided by inductive tools
  • Introduction background and context for all 66 books
  • Understanding the interconnected story from Genesis through Revelation
  • Learning in a community of Bible-loving staff and students all focused on one goal: to know Jesus more and see Him transform lives through His Word!

This is your time to ground your faith in Scripture and be transformed by God’s truth as you study the Word of God!


Upcoming School Dates

Start date for 2024/2025 SBS is September 23 2024

Start date for 2025/2026 SBS is September 22 2025

The SBS runs in three quarters:

1st Quarter: Sept-Dec
2nd Quarter: Jan-Mar
3rd Quarter: April-June

Pre-Requisites & Costs

Pre-Requisites: Completion of a DTS.

Costs: Fees within our schools and programs are being treated in a different way than usual. As part of our Faith Journey, we are inviting students and participants to unite with us in prayer for God’s provision rather than financing their own training. For schools and programs with outreach phases (DTSs & Titus Project), outreach fees are still being charged. For more information, see our Faith Journey FAQs

Q: What will the study actually look like?
A: You will be trained in using the inductive method to study the Bible. This method focuses on letting Scripture speak for itself, by reading and digesting the text multiple times over. You will get to interpret using literary context and historical background, considering the author’s intent and the original meaning before applying the truths you discover to our own modern contexts.

You will attend lectures on each book, but much of the SBS is oriented around self-study as the assignments guide you through the text.

Q: How many lectures will I be attending?
A: This will vary depending on the week and length of book(s) being studied, but usually between 1-3 lectures a week, mostly in the beginning of the week.

Q: How many hours a day should I expect to be studying?
A: Expect to be in lecture or studying 10-12 hours a day, Monday-Saturday. The SBS is an intensive course, and a special opportunity to invest a lot in studying Scripture. Your staff are here to help you manage your time and set you up for success!

Q: What version of the Bible does SBS use?
A: The English Standard Version. But don’t worry about bringing one – the program will provide you with a copy when you begin the course.

Approximate Weekly Schedule

We will house you in our dorm-style rooms with a bed, desk, drawers, and a lamp. You will likely have at least one roommate, unless of course you are married. Community living looks like sharing everyday experiences with other students and staff: be it meals, work duties, group worship, prayer times, hikes, or a break run to Black Sheep Coffee Co. down the road.

We believe that living in community gives us opportunities not just to study the Bible and learn together, but to also immediately and authentically apply the principles Scripture teaches us.

Q: Do I need to bring any specific books for studying?
A: Nope! The school has a library for your use, and staff will provide you with extra resources as well.  If you are interested in how to prepare for the SBS, see below for recommended reading.

Q: If I want to buy some resource materials, which would you recommend?
A: We highly recommend How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth, by Gordon Fee.  This is great to read prior to SBS, or to invest in to use during and after the school. 

If you are interested in other materials, this list from SBS International is very helpful!

Q: Do I need a laptop?
A: Nope! SBS is designed to be functional with or without a laptop. Some students prefer using it for some parts of the assignment or for taking notes. The choice is yours!

Q: Anything else I’ll need for studying?
A: It is recommended that you bring :

  • Pencil Crayons (and pencil sharpener)
  • Graph paper (5 squares per inch)
  • 66 folders (1 for each book of the Bible)
  • Good quality pens in a variety of colours
  • White out
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • If your packing space is limited, don’t worry! There will be an opportunity to purchase school supplies during the first week of the school.
  • Carrie Lee Arant-Nguyen
    Carrie Lee Arant-Nguyen School of Biblical Studies Co-Leader

    Carrie Lee is a passionate teacher and cares deeply about students and staff meeting with God in their studies. She is known for her wise habit of reminding herself and others that the gospel is true, and also for her love of Tolkien, nature walks, and tea. Her honesty, graciousness, and silliness are a blessing to all who have the pleasure of meeting her.

    • Hallie Johnson
      Hallie Johnson School of Biblical Studies Co-Leader

      Hallie is thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and oh so curious about people and the world. Her lighthearted laugh and lovely voice lighten moods around the campus on a daily basis! Hallie loves quality stories in any form (books, films and poetry all included) and laughing with friends over a good cup of tea.

      • While reading through the Bible, I found and experienced God’s steadfast promises to us in a new way every time I went through a new book. Not only this, the groundwork and frames came into place for bible verses I had been so accustomed to and learning the background of the original readers has really enriched my understanding of God’s word.

        Ellena Myanmar
      • The SBS has shown me the depth of the scriptures and how they are useful in our daily lives as Christians. There are countless timeless truths in God’s word and we are meant to know them and live them out.

        Lovisa Sweden
      • The more I learn, the more blown away I am. I am also learning how to experience [God's] presence in my daily life... SBS is helping me to develop a more solid foundation for my life and to grow in confidence in Christ.

        Erin Canada
      • The reason why SBS is beneficial for me is because it gives truth, not processed truth from a pastor or commentary. We get to process it for ourselves.

        Torleiv Norway
      • While the journey began simply to complete the whole Bible, SBS has equipped me with the tools of inductive Bible study, which proved invaluable for my walk with God and showed me how to live for his glory.

        Samuel USA
      • I've been very impacted by all the teachers. They bring loads of insight into the text - indicative of their hours spent in personal study and consideration. The love for the Word I see in the staff is inspiring and is something I am focused on continuing to develop in myself.

        Benjamin Manitoba, Canada
      • I have been really inspired by Faith Journey here; it is such an incredible testimony of trust in God to rely on him in this way! I have personally often struggled with trusting God for finances and have instead relied on myself, but seeing the different ways God provides at the campus has really built my faith.

        Esme England
      • Spending every day in the word had been incredibly transformative for me, as I now feel like I am beginning to understand and know God on new levels!

        Talia New Zealand
      • I fell in love with the Bible through SBS by appreciating the artistry of each book. It is amazing that God not only gave us his word but packaged it so beautifully!

        Daniel Alberta, Canada
      • During my SBS, the truth of the gospel and God's grace became real to me in a way that has been life defining. Nine months of being immersed in the story of God faithfully loving unfaithful humanity gave me a new, deeper understanding of how much God loves me and how freely that love is given.

        Hallie USA


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